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 Current Weekly Schedule...

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PostSubject: Current Weekly Schedule...   Thu 18 Feb 2010 - 12:16

2-19-10 8:00PM PST : Meet and Greet (First Clan Meeting and Practice) 5 vs 5 Done

2-27-10 10:00AM PST: 5vs5 Practice Vent Req'd Done

3-6-10 Event Canceled
3-12-10 6:30pm PST: TBD

3-20-10 8:00pm PST: TBD

3-26-10 8:00pm PST: TBD

Postponed till beginning of April

4-03-10 10:00AM PST: Twisted Treeline 2 vs 2 Clan Tourney

4-03-10 3:00PM PST (Depends on Length) Winners Awarded $10 in RP Code each!
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Current Weekly Schedule...
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