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BPF is a League of Legends Gaming Clan: Who promote friendship and fun
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 How To Register

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PostSubject: How To Register   Thu 18 Feb 2010 - 12:25

Team BPF

We are newly formed Clan with a few members (5) looking to expand...
This team is for practice toward entering tournaments.

Looking for:
Fun & Friendly, Team Players of any level.

Be able to play with at least 2 characters

Kindness is important... (Don't tell us you lost your lane cause your
partner is a noob, Tell us how you helped a new player by teaching them about
zone control, not feeding, etc..)

We play around 7:00pm-11:00pm PST on weekdays. (Non-Weekly Events)
Enough time for the kiddies to finish homework and the commuters to get home.

On-Off All Day Weekends is our website just finished Today Yay!
So the current members will be signing-up new too. Please register at the Site.

Practice, Fun & Friendship. Winning is not the most important. Fun is, everything else comes second. How can anyone truly win if they are not having Fun? We will
be having weekly events, and In-house tournaments with Riot Point codes as prizes!!

Plus all other kinds of cool uberness.

Please Register at our site in the Registration Section

Please include the following in your Registration:

First name:
In-game name:
How long have you been playing League of Legends?:
Favorite character to play:
Most played character:
Most hated character to fight against:

Sign-Up and We will Contact You...
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How To Register
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