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 Summoners Rift Neutral Monster Info

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PostSubject: Summoners Rift Neutral Monster Info   Fri 19 Feb 2010 - 1:19

There are 5 types of camps on the Summoner's Rift map.

1. Basic camp:
Basic camps consist of either 3 wolves: 2 minor and 1 greater; or 2 golems.
Wolves got critical strike, and Golems hit pretty hard, but rather slow.
Fairly easy camps, can be taken on by jungle champions with relative ease (like Udyr and Warwick)

2. Wraith camp:
Wraith camps consist of 3 minor and 1 greater wraith.
Wraiths have a leeching attack.
Also fairly easy, although at beginning levels can be challenging since they leech their hp back.

3. Elder camp:
Elder camps consist of either Golem elder or Lizard elder, and 2 lizard minors.
Golem elder provides a mana regen and cooldown reduction buff.
Lizard elder provides a damage over time slow on auto-attack buff.
Both camps are strong and can really be soloed by a jungler who has runes, smite, and rally, or Shaco at early levels.
Both buffs are transferred to the killer upon death.

4. Dragon camp:
Dragon has a splash attack (not sure about this)
Rather hard and can't be soloed early in the game, provides money and experience for the entire team.

5. Baron Nashor:
Baron Nashor (worm looking thing) is the strongest neutral camp in the game.
It usually takes an entire team to take him on, he has aoe damage, knock up, attack speed debuff, and takes reduced damage from magic.
He grants a buff that... I don't remember what it does but it's nice xD
Unlike Golem and Lizard buffs this one does not transfer upon death.
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Summoners Rift Neutral Monster Info
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